Social Media Marketing Company in Chennai

Gateway to Conversations

The scope of the digital platform is not hitting a plateau anytime soon. Estimate states that about Gen X / old boomers (35-50) spent 25% of their weekend on the social media and the millennials at about 6 hours every week. With the above states it’s evident that the scope of sales and marketing in such platform are the gateway for the upcoming pixel spectrum of the world.

Social Gen Shopping Behaviour

Classifying with the social active behaviour of the users as heavy, medium & low. With the heavy users spending 3 hours everyday on social media, and 30% of ém actively participate in branding of their desired products. Still, medium & low users tend to make 41% of their purchases online starting from clothing, tickets,home needs and more.

Facebook Marketing

Fb – We administer our expertise on facebook marketing, strategies, tools towards your growth measurement and success of your facebook page.

How do we do it?

  • Taking full advantage of all Facebook’s advanced marketing features, like lead ads
  • Engineering agile Campaigns engineered for agile optimization
  • Remarketing to a segment of your audience or to a social context
  • Measuring of important KPI and metrics to track social success

Twitter Marketing

We guide you to make your official twitter handle expand on the bases tailoring to the needs of the targetted customers. With twitter having massive potential as a platform for social listening. Our best practices being content curation making use of multimedia driven engagement like images, videos, gifs.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a content consuming platform, and there is something about the insta stories and hashtags that seem to captivate the users. The content strategy of instagram is our main forte that invites customers to conversions. Our engineered campaigns and strategies optimises on the ROI of the insta ads

Linkedin Marketing

Our strategies of funnel marketing in linkedin offers to fetch targeted converted leads mainly through content curation in the form of sponsored ads, sponsored texts, inmail ads. We know that considering a B2B sales pitch the chances of getting a lead conversion is relatively less in any social media platform. Unlike other platforms, Linkedin generates upto 80% of business social media leads.

Youtube Marketing

We help you use the YouTube platform for many different types of content: text, Display, and Video. We will manage your organic efforts to build a channel, or your paid advertising on YouTube. We will give you the tools to improve your videos and paid marketing campaigns. Using YouTube Analytics, Google Adwords, and Google Analytics, Mediaforce will conduct an ongoing cycle of testing, learning, and improvement to monitor your video views, traffic sources, user behaviour, and business outcomes.

Other Niche Marketing

Already performing well on popular social channels? We’ll get you started in your other niche platforms. A niche channel advocates new opportunities of connect with fine tuned audience who are even more specific to your forte.

For instances considering your market based out of forum audience, like that of Travelling Company, niche marketing allows you to participate with you narrowed audience in forums, with high probilities of lead generation. Pinterest – Yelp – TripAdvisor – Reddit.